• Uniforms

    Please see attached for uniform information.

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Chancellor's Letter

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • CCM Summer Rising Orientation

    CCM will host their orientation for Summer Risings on Wednesday, 6/23/21 and Thursday, 6/24/21  from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on both days.  The orientation will take place in the front schoolyard.

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • School Survey NEW DEADLINE 6-18-21

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • May Arts Faire 2021!

    Please watch our talented students at P.S. 316 sing, dance, act, and create visual art for this year's annual May Arts Faire!  Much thanks to Ms. Mister for putting this together.   We hope you get your annual dose of arts!

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • School Survey

    Survey online at

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • UPDATE from DOE

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • PAC meeting

    PS 316 PAC and Leru Multi Service Agency are excited to host this years last PAC event ... 

    an ENCORE presentation of .....

    Join the workshop and demystify the Middle School Admissions Process. 

    DATE: Thursday, May 27

    TIME: 6:00 to 8:00 PM


    MEETING ID #: 860 8820 1267                                                       

    PASSCODE: 408848

    MEETING LINK:                                                                 

    If you have any question, please email us at .

    Thank you for your participation! 

    Maura Lout, PAC Chair

    Mike Bratton, PAC Co-Chair

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Letter to Families

    Please see attached.

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Self Care

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
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