Welcome parents, children, staff, and administrators.  We are P.S. 316 and we are a school of excellence!  Below you find links to our calendar and on the side you will find links to everything else we offer here at Elijah G. Stroud Elementary!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that children leave P.S. 316 with a set moral and social -emotional values that encompasses self-esteem, tolerance, resilience, and a sense of community; a complement of standards,-based reading, writing, and thinking skills across the curricula, and appreciation and respect for cultures and diversity in our school and community.

We strive to nurture a community of students and adult learners who are critical thinkers and problem solvers with discriminating minds on a quest for knowledge.

We value the partnerships that exist between the school, family, and the community at large.

School Life

  • Holiday: Memorial Day

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Holiday: Anniversary Day

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Holiday: Eid al-Fitr

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
  • Last Day of School

    PS 316 (17K316) Elijah Stroud
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We are accepting applications for upcoming positions.  

Please send them to Ms. Kofman:  AKofman@schools.nyc.gov